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Our Multi-Mineral supplement provides many of the essential minerals, which do not naturally occur in our diets, and are essential ingredients for both anti-aging, and maintaining a healthy immune function.

This formula has been specifically created to improve heart, skin, and eye health, boost immunity with powerful antioxidants and strengthen bones and teeth daily.


Calcium 800mg, Magnesium 150mg, Zinc 37.5mg, Iron 25mg, Manganese 10.5mg, Copper 10mg, Selenium 3.5mg, Chromium 2.6mg, Vitamin D3 0.75mg, Boron 1.5mg, Vitamin K1 1.2mg, Potassium Iodide 0.098mg, Molybdenum 0.5mg, D-Biotin 0.075mg, Folic 0.10mg

Size: 100 Tablets