Rosehip Plus – A natural supplement for stronger bones and a healthy heart

We have always associated the strength of our bones with Calcium, but it might surprise you to know that increasing your calcium can actually increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, dyspepsia, constipation and malabsorption of medication.

Furthermore, in a study performed by NEJM JW Gen Med on Nov 15, 2015, increasing calcium intake demonstrated minimal effects on bone mineral density and fracture risk.

Ultimately, calcium supplementation is doing us more harm than good!

Thankfully, there are natural alternatives to stronger bones that can be taken without the increased risk of atherosclerosis – such as our Rosehip Plus supplement.


What are Rose Hips?

Rose hips are the fruit from the blossom of the rose flower. While not something we typically pick and eat on its own, Rose hips have become increasingly popular over the years in herbal teas, as they contain large amounts of Vitamin C and have anti-inflammatory properties.

But Rose hip alone is not enough to support many of the problems we face with ageing, specifically bone density or heart health. Rose hip seed oil, in conjunction with other natural vitamins and minerals, is needed to effectively support our bodies.


Enter Rosehip Plus

Rosehip Plus supplement by Troya Skincare combines the best elements of Rosehip Oil, with Vitamin K2, Magnesium and Vitamin D, to deliver much of what the body needs for strong bones and a healthy heart, to fight the effects of ageing. Each one of these elements works to support several key elements in our bodies:


Rosehip Oil:

Long touted as “the ultimate anti-aging oil”, Rosehip seed oil is made from the pressed seeds from the Rosehip. While it does have many antioxidants, through effective use in supplementation have we found its properties more increasingly beneficial on our inner support systems. Rosehip oil properties include:

  • Rich in absorbic acid
  • Contains anti-inflammatory fatty acids
  • Prevents obesity through the activation of adenosine5 - monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK)
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis – great for skin and bones


Vitamin K2:

  • Promotes healthy bones while preventing calcified blood vessels

  • Prevents calcium accumulation in the arterial wall through the production of osteocalcin, which binds calcium and transports to the bone matrix


  • Magnesium is involved in more than 300 essential metabolic reactions, including ATP production and active Vitamin D synthesis
  • It also helps with relaxation of nerves and muscles and is often used to treat anxiety, cramps, eclampsia, and hypertension

Vitamin D:

  • Increased calcium and phosphate absorption

  • Has been effective in aiding our immune systems


Together, this mix of natural support supplements works in harmony to strengthen our bones and increase the health of our hearts each day.


Troya Rosehip Plus Supplement


Rosehip Plus is available now from Troya Skincare for ฿1,800 for 30 tablets.
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